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simply.. otic!

Mar. 9th, 2004

07:01 pm

Okay so Liz and Kim here is my application and I'm SOOOOO sorry that it has taken me so long!

Name: My name is Julie Ann Sullivan
Age: I am 15 years, 7 months, and  around 25 days.
Location: I live in WC, Cali!
Guilty pleasures: Ummm....hehehe you Liz... no! Just kiddin!!! I guess baking is my guilty pleasure...it works... 
Kim wants a short sample: a short sample of what?
Favourite bands/musicians: Three Days Grace, Liz Loecher (i dunno if you have heard of her!), Anders, Ataris, Home Town Hero, Yellowcard, Brand New, Weezer, All-American Rejects, Linkin Park, and you know who my fav is...BRITNEY SPEARS AND N*SYNC and all other pop bands. hehehe don't worry that aren't really my favorite.
Also I dont have a digital camera or a scanner so there is no way to give you a picture of me but if you don't know what i look like i would be kind of sad.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Mix Tape by Brand New

Mar. 6th, 2004

10:28 pm - would-never-happen-to-me-otic

Its been a really long day. And i am exhausted. I was suposed to catch a ride home with my friend, but for some reason she had to leave early,I told her it would be okay that i would find a ride home and not to worry. But finding a ride seemed harder than i thought. So its about 8o'clock and i am sitting in front of the thearater thinking that mabye ill just camp out.. after all i do have to be there at 6:30 the next morning. Bored out of my mind i am watching the cars pass on the street. I really nice red bmw convertable passes by, i think to my self damn what i would do for a car like that. Then five minutes later the same car comes back in the opposite direction, and pulls into the parking lot. I stand up starteled. BGy now ( naturally) it has begun to rain. He rolls down a wondiw
" you alright" he asks " you look soaked"
naturally, i am but i tell him i am fine
" do you need a ride?" he asks.
do you mind? i reply.
"of course i dont" he replies stepping out and into the rain and walking over to open the door for me.

whence inside the car i can get a good look at him. He is about 5'11" Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, beautiful.
" sorry for tall the stuff in the back" he says motioning to the guitar and amp in the back seat "I was just on my back from a show. I htink well just stop at my apartment quick? Do you mind. I can drop off all of my stuff andyou can change into something a little warmer?"
" Sure fine by me"I say after all he is giving me a ride home

When we get to his apartment, Its clean and great. Decorations are basically posters of some of the most awsome bands of all time. As he brings up all the stuff i ask if he minds if i jump in the shower. That way he can dorp me off at my friends, and i wont even have to stop at home.
" not a problem" he says" seccond door on your left"

So i hop into the shower, and am just washing my hair, when i hear the door open. I stick my mead out the curtian , being careful that nothing else is visible. "Cani help you?" i ask
" I was just leaving you some dry clothes" he says trying not to look at me. Finally he sneaks a glance int0o my eyes. And there was something about the say he looked at me right then. Something about his big beautiful brown eyes we both knew. the showercurtian slipped from my hand as he walked through me. And as the warm water washed over me, i felt his hand slowly trace the curve of my bach, and let my eyes close.

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Owen

01:24 pm - application

Name: Lindsay
Age: 15
Location: concord
Guilty pleasures: um...eating candy? does that count? cuz i'm not gunna say anything else, lol. and...um...yah
Kim wants a short sample: you've gotten all the samples ur gunna get! oh! and, your mom.
Favourite bands/musicians: maroon 5, good charlotte, beach boys (lol!), and the spice girls (lol)

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: tv

12:34 pm

Finally! i figured out how to post on our own damn community! Now i can write down all my dirty little thoughts. I dont have any fantasies for today, but does anyone agree with me that the singer of the last band on friday was extremely hott?

Mar. 4th, 2004

09:54 pm - app

guilty pleasures: reading isn't it a good one hehe
kim: ...hmm i'm kinda confused by this one..but let's see...i would stay up reading to you all night kim...how's that sound
music:my music taste consists of quite a variety...i like every one...(unless i hate them)eg.hillary duff..beyonce...britney...avril lavigne... the list goes on and on..

oh well toodles

ps if you don't except nme you are all whores

09:46 pm - HeY!

Welcome to An Otic fantasy! Well no one is really in here besides me and Kim. Before you can post, make sure you give us your application so me and kim can be mean... woo hoo! but yeah If you post without being approved youll be baned, because frankly banning someone sounds like a lot of fun! So yeah. Existing members, liz and Kim, vote on new members
<3 always

Current Music: Ani difranco

03:46 pm - My App.

So I'm the first one to post here...Kim and Liz haven't even posted yet. Anyways, Liz was mad at me because I hadn't posted my app. yet, so here it is.

Name: Kaley
Age: 16
Location: WC, CA
Guilty pleasures: hmm...having "-otic fantasies"
Kim wants a short sample: of what? one of my fantasies? let's just say it involves me and a guy in an elevator and pressing the red stop button...
Favourite bands/musicians: the beatles, something corporate ...those are at the top. there are too many others to name.

Okay. So that's my app. I kept it short because we're all busy people.

And here's your picture:

Close your eyes. Think of me. And what you see is my picture!

That's it. Adios!

Current Mood: thirstythirsty
Current Music: Day Tripper - The Beatles ...in my head

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