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Summer - simply.. otic!

Mar. 15th, 2004

09:35 pm - Summer

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it started out as just another summer day-sleeping in late, eating ice cream out of the containter, listening to her parents argue, having it get so out of hand that girl needed to get out of the house. Pulling on a skirt and tank top, she grabs a book and runs out the door. Not fully aware of where she's going, girl lets her feet guide her to the park, specifically to her usual table, protected from the sun by a huge oak tree. After awhile, she looks up from her book and notices a goregous, hat wearing boy sitting a few tables down reading a book by her favorite author. Knowing she will have to walk by him to go home, she quickly runs her fingers through her hair, smooths out her homemade jean skirt, and adjusts her tank top. Before she can stand up, he glances up from the novel that he was absorbed in. Girl notices he has intense green eyes, her favorite on boys. They nervously exchange smiles as he gets up to talk to her. They exchange a few words and numbers with the promise of a phone call that night. As she leaves, boyface gives her hand a squeeze and grins.

He calls her as promised and they agree to meet at the same table at dusk tomorrow-after the kiddies leave, of course.

they meet the next day, and after a few awkward moments, girl can no longer resist the urge. she leans in and kisses him, not too hard, but not too soft either, but all the same magical. After she pulls away, girl looks into those goregous eyes of his and grins. Now it's his turn to kiss her. Within minutes, the kisses turn harder, faster, more passionate. Too passionate for the open area of the park. She suggests the tunnel by the slide, but he has a better idea concocted in his mind. Boyface gets up and winks. Not knowing where hes going, she follows him, at what ends up being his house-his empty house. Slightly skeptical, she follows him out to his backyard, where she realizes he has a pool. He shuffles his flip-flop clad feet to a beach chair where he kicks off the sandals and removes his tshirt, revealing a very tan and very toned upper body. Boyface waits for her to take off her sandals as well, plus anything else she may want to remove-jewelry, cell phone, watch, etc-before pulling her into the pool with him.

of course, they go back at it, only this time the friction of the water between their bodies makes it even more intense than before. Boyface cautiously and slowly removes her shirt and bra. Each passing second becomes more passionate than the previous one. They're now removing each others shorts...

lets just finish this off by saying that its quite lucky boyface had those condoms stashed away in his poolhouse...

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Date:March 16th, 2004 04:21 pm (UTC)
woo hyoo verry nice. You my child are naught but a natural
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