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random-otic - simply.. otic!

Mar. 16th, 2004

04:21 pm - random-otic

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this would be a dream from last night. Further proof that i am indeed close to my period. In the dream I was the main character :)
she was an actress. This being one of her movies. She want really sure of the part. but it didnt matter she played the angsty teenager, something she suposedly was good at, with the ye rolls and such. The filming was in an actual house, peculiar ( it was the karlskinds house in the dream) Toda y they were filming a party, she had only pone line, or enterance really Suposed to walk 0out ehr bedroom door hear to the kitchen for a drink of water, being bitchey to her mother who asked her to join. Ad lib. But untill her que, she just had to chillin what was her room in the movie ( kaelens in the dream)

She was sitting on the bed when through the screen door walks a boy. She knows him. Hes from her real life. He goes to her school. Unfortunatly she used to want him. Theres something about the way he looks at her. He walks up to her( shes sitting on the bed) and kisses her. She stands up and he wraps his arms around her middle lifting her up so she is straddeing him. She leans backwards so they fall onto the bed (yes it was this detailed) and continue feverously making out. after about 10 minutes she pulls away.
"i have to say my line"
she runs away, and with a fast beating heart says her line when she walks back into the room, he is still there waiting for her. She joins him on the bed where he starts pulling her shitrt over her head she willingly raises her hands. And they continue kissing. She then pulls oiff his shirt and throws it across the floor. Pretty soon they are going all the way strpied shirt and blue shirt with start( again i remember this) forgotten.

neither one knows how long this went on, but soon they are laying side by side on the bed she looks over at him as he standsup to go. She goes and hands him his shirt ( i seem to remember him wearing two white under black)
"your so sexy" he says " you dont know how much i wanted you to take it off, i was waiting forever"

and i woke up

he was fucking good to.

problem is i cant figure out what it ment. I havent liked him for a while, and i honestly do
nt feel anything for him

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Date:March 16th, 2004 04:35 pm (UTC)
im glad saying your line was important to you..
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Date:March 16th, 2004 10:05 pm (UTC)
haha the wai i figured it was if i didnt go say it they would come looking for me and find me hacing sex.. random
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