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it's a bit detailed (just a forewarning) - simply.. otic!

Mar. 14th, 2004

10:58 pm - it's a bit detailed (just a forewarning)

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new fantasy... hmm let's see:

i went up to the mountains with my sister and some of her friends and stayed at this hotel where all the rooms are little log cabins, with a bedroom and a fireplace.

on the first day, i hit the slopes, and stayed out all day. once it started to get dark, i decided to head in. i stepped into the lodge, felt the wamrth of the inside of the building hit my face, i didn't realize how cold it was outside. i could tell that my face probably had that rosy, refreshed look to it.

i went into the refreshment area, and stepped up to buy a hot chocolate. this guy(cute guy might i add) flashed me a smile, and asked me what he could get me. "you, naked, in bed, now" is what i said (in my head, of course), "a nice cup of warm hot cocoa would be great" is what i really said, with a somewhat flirtatious tone in my voice, he replied "of course...would you like some company with that, i was just about to clock off, and my friend ditched me." how could i say no to such a situation. "i'm james"... i told him "i'm casey, i was just grabbing the hot chocolate to go, and heading back to my hotel, if you want to join." he acepted the invitation.

the walk back was freezing. we treked the 2 miles in the flurrying snow. by the time we reached the cabin the cabin we were both shivering. when we got in, he lit a fire, and we sat on the bearskin rug huddled around it covered each in our own blankets. we talked for hours, about everything and anything,purely plutonic.

...or so we thought.

by midnight we were so enticed by every word that the other said, we were both ready to burst. he couldn't wait any longer, and neither could i. finally, James pounced, reaching in for a kiss when i was mid-sentence.

we becamed entangled in each other arms, kissing, grabbing, holding, we were so full of emotion. he ripped off his shirt to reveal softly defined chest and abs, he had a swimmer's body. he helped me take off my sweater and jeans. i stared straight into his eyes, they were gorgeous big and blue. then, i unbottoned his pants. the moment just became more and more intense, we just went at it. he felt so perfect i had never felt anything like that before, it was amazing.

me and my sister decided to make this mountains trip an annual event.
(by the way, it was a fake bearskin rug...so no worries)