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revival of casey - simply.. otic!

Mar. 10th, 2004

10:31 pm - revival of casey

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i have come to save my fantasies' namesake...but i am still new keep in mind...

i am going back to philly for my best friend's graduation, just me all by my lonesome. i get dropped off at the airport go through security and such 1 hour before my plane is scheduled to leave. i decided to sit down for a nice cup of coffee at starbucks and a good reading of my newest book.

on my way to starbucks i catch a glimpse of a very nice looking guy about 19 or 20, 5'10", dark curly hair, make eye contact and he gives me a slight smile, i bat my eyes and look away...i am sitting down in a big comfy chair with enough room for two people thoughly ejoying hiding behind my book, when i am suddenly bumped into by someone, who immediately apologizes. and look up and see none other than the cute guy, he explains that he is in a bit of a rush, but needs to get his coffee before his plane takes off.i tell him not to worry, that i need a break from my book anyway. he laughs with a cute smile, agorgeous pefect smile.

i make my way to my plane, and sit down in my window seat. a older woman probably about 60 who thinks she's 20 comes and sits in the aisle seat(i think to myself this is going to be a fun 6 hours). then all of a sudden the same guy walks onto the plane, he comes and sits right next to me. he tells that he had the wrong itinerary and tried to get on the wrong plane. i laugh. we talk for the entire first two hours of the plane ride, it turns out he is on an academic scholarship at Villanova and is playing basketball there too.

the movie starts, i'm starting to get tired. he notices and asks if i'm tired. i tell him how exhousted i am from the 3 hours sleep i got the night bfore. he tells me i can lean on his shoulder if i want...i do of course.
i wake up three hours later. and i see him looking straight at me, he tells me how gorgeous my eyes are, i giggle. we both have to ho to the bathroom. we turn and look at the older lady, she is sound asleep drooling on her tray table, we both start cracking up.

after she wakes up, we go back to the bathroom. there is no one back there, all the flight attendants are dealing with a problem in first class. so we both go into the same bathroom.


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