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If you arent into details, then dont read the last paragraph! - simply.. otic!

Mar. 13th, 2004

08:22 am - If you arent into details, then dont read the last paragraph!

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I finally got my parents to take us on a trip to Hawaii. For two weeks! I had never been before and i had this perfect vacation all planned out. Go to gorgeous beaches, get a gorgeous tan, and meet a gorgeous guy. I was really excited. But my perfect vacation didnt start off very well. The beaches were nice, and my tan was coming along, but where were all the guys? It seemed like the only ones that were there were taken. And to top it off, my family was off doing things on their own, leaving me all by myself. At least they had signed me up for sailing lessons. I was getting really good. I was totally confident that I could go hit the ocean all by myself. So thats what I did.
It was the day before we were leaving, and I was planning to just sail around the island a little bit. It started alright, the water was pretty calm. But as i kept going further and further around the beach, the waves kept increasing in size. Right as i decided that it was time to head in, a huge wave caught me off guard and threw me out of the boat. I was ok, but i needed to get to shore, so i started swimming to what I thought was the main island.
I was extremely tired, but I made it to land. Just, not the right land. I had swam to a little abandoned island so far away from the main one that I could barely see it. I was scared out of my mind. I couldnt swim back, i would never make it that far. So i had to sit and wait.
But not for long, through my tears of discouragement, i saw someone paddling towards me on a surf board. I was saved! He finally got to the beach, breathing heavily after the long trip out. He had one of the cutest smiles i had ever seen. He was tall, and obviously had been surfing for awhile due to his tan skin and muscular stomach. He told me he had seen my crash and came to help, but needed to regain his strength before he could paddle us back to the mainland. That was fiiiine with me.
Suddenly, the sky turned dark and it started to rain. "uh oh" he said, "a storm's coming, we better find some shelter" So we found a little cave that was just big enough for both of us to squeeze into. Trying to fit as best as we could, we laughed awkwardly as we kept bumping into one another. After a while, we found it was most comfortable with his arm wrapped around me.
The rain just wouldnt let up, so we talked for awhile, and I told him about my disappointing vacation. He laughed and said if I had been looking for excitement that i should have come to visit him. I asked him what his idea of excitement was. Then he slowly leaned me back and kissed me. Just once, and then pulled away, seeming to look for my approval. I smiled and then brought him closer to me.
His lips were soft and full, caressing mine. I could feel his heart beating faster as his tongue made its way into my mouth. All the while kissing me harder. He reached up and untied by bathing suit. My hands traced his back while his gently wandered down my chest. I shivered slightly, although not from the weather, for the heat we were creating was keeping me intensely warm. He started to kiss me lower and lower, his mouth taking the place of his hands' previous position. While his hands found a new place to rest on my inner thigh. I gripped his back tighter as my pulse quickened and a powerful heat spread throughout my entire body. His hand was slowly moving upward, when i heard the helicopter overhead, and then a voice coming from some sort of loudspeaker, "Kim, Kim, are you there?" "We found your boat, were coming down to look for you!"



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Date:March 13th, 2004 08:52 pm (UTC)
beautiful, a staggering work of true genuies. Kim sometimes you both amaze me and gross me out. Simotaniously. But for now.. i am going to comtenplate how to make my fantasies better than yours. CASEY ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?
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