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simply.. otic!

Apr. 9th, 2004

02:41 am - hehe

Thought this would be an appropriate place to share:

Your Sexual Profile (you sexual deviant you...) by sparkledee
Your Secret Kink ThingYou like to play dead.
Your Sexual StrengthYour smoldering kisses...
Your Sexual WeaknessYou are afraid of lesbians.
Your Likely STDSyphilis
How Many Partners in Crime?Ha! You're a SLUT!
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Mar. 16th, 2004

04:21 pm - random-otic

this would be a dream from last night. Further proof that i am indeed close to my period. In the dream I was the main character :)
she was an actress. This being one of her movies. She want really sure of the part. but it didnt matter she played the angsty teenager, something she suposedly was good at, with the ye rolls and such. The filming was in an actual house, peculiar ( it was the karlskinds house in the dream) Toda y they were filming a party, she had only pone line, or enterance really Suposed to walk 0out ehr bedroom door hear to the kitchen for a drink of water, being bitchey to her mother who asked her to join. Ad lib. But untill her que, she just had to chillin what was her room in the movie ( kaelens in the dream)

She was sitting on the bed when through the screen door walks a boy. She knows him. Hes from her real life. He goes to her school. Unfortunatly she used to want him. Theres something about the way he looks at her. He walks up to her( shes sitting on the bed) and kisses her. She stands up and he wraps his arms around her middle lifting her up so she is straddeing him. She leans backwards so they fall onto the bed (yes it was this detailed) and continue feverously making out. after about 10 minutes she pulls away.
"i have to say my line"
she runs away, and with a fast beating heart says her line when she walks back into the room, he is still there waiting for her. She joins him on the bed where he starts pulling her shitrt over her head she willingly raises her hands. And they continue kissing. She then pulls oiff his shirt and throws it across the floor. Pretty soon they are going all the way strpied shirt and blue shirt with start( again i remember this) forgotten.

neither one knows how long this went on, but soon they are laying side by side on the bed she looks over at him as he standsup to go. She goes and hands him his shirt ( i seem to remember him wearing two white under black)
"your so sexy" he says " you dont know how much i wanted you to take it off, i was waiting forever"

and i woke up

he was fucking good to.

problem is i cant figure out what it ment. I havent liked him for a while, and i honestly do
nt feel anything for him

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Mar. 15th, 2004

09:35 pm - Summer

it started out as just another summer day-sleeping in late, eating ice cream out of the containter, listening to her parents argue, having it get so out of hand that girl needed to get out of the house. Pulling on a skirt and tank top, she grabs a book and runs out the door. Not fully aware of where she's going, girl lets her feet guide her to the park, specifically to her usual table, protected from the sun by a huge oak tree. After awhile, she looks up from her book and notices a goregous, hat wearing boy sitting a few tables down reading a book by her favorite author. Knowing she will have to walk by him to go home, she quickly runs her fingers through her hair, smooths out her homemade jean skirt, and adjusts her tank top. Before she can stand up, he glances up from the novel that he was absorbed in. Girl notices he has intense green eyes, her favorite on boys. They nervously exchange smiles as he gets up to talk to her. They exchange a few words and numbers with the promise of a phone call that night. As she leaves, boyface gives her hand a squeeze and grins.

He calls her as promised and they agree to meet at the same table at dusk tomorrow-after the kiddies leave, of course.

they meet the next day, and after a few awkward moments, girl can no longer resist the urge. she leans in and kisses him, not too hard, but not too soft either, but all the same magical. After she pulls away, girl looks into those goregous eyes of his and grins. Now it's his turn to kiss her. Within minutes, the kisses turn harder, faster, more passionate. Too passionate for the open area of the park. She suggests the tunnel by the slide, but he has a better idea concocted in his mind. Boyface gets up and winks. Not knowing where hes going, she follows him, at what ends up being his house-his empty house. Slightly skeptical, she follows him out to his backyard, where she realizes he has a pool. He shuffles his flip-flop clad feet to a beach chair where he kicks off the sandals and removes his tshirt, revealing a very tan and very toned upper body. Boyface waits for her to take off her sandals as well, plus anything else she may want to remove-jewelry, cell phone, watch, etc-before pulling her into the pool with him.

of course, they go back at it, only this time the friction of the water between their bodies makes it even more intense than before. Boyface cautiously and slowly removes her shirt and bra. Each passing second becomes more passionate than the previous one. They're now removing each others shorts...

lets just finish this off by saying that its quite lucky boyface had those condoms stashed away in his poolhouse...

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Mar. 14th, 2004

09:30 pm - Application thing??

haha okay, so I put my application as a comment to someone else...and two seconds after that, I figured out how to get into this community. So I'll just re-type my app....Here goes...

Name: Amanda
Age: 15
Guilty Pleasures: I have many pleasures, and I'm not guilty of any of them! ow ow!
Kim wants an example: Are you sure you want an example? I don't think you can handle it. But I can tell you what it would include: Angelina Jolie, black lingerie (temporarily), a videocam with a stand, and I just thought of this one, some kinna black straps, and a blindfold...heh heh aaalllright!
Music: I don't really feel like going through the list of artists I like, because we'd be here for days. But I'll just say that I'm open to pretty much any thing. It all depends on the moooood!

So yeah here's a lil *warning* for you people....haha now that I'm in this community, it's going to get a bit hot and steamy in this joint!! For serious! so be prepared!!

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10:59 pm

liz, i'm sorry i can't post a picture...but you can post one of me...hehe

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10:58 pm - it's a bit detailed (just a forewarning)

new fantasy... hmm let's see:

i went up to the mountains with my sister and some of her friends and stayed at this hotel where all the rooms are little log cabins, with a bedroom and a fireplace.

on the first day, i hit the slopes, and stayed out all day. once it started to get dark, i decided to head in. i stepped into the lodge, felt the wamrth of the inside of the building hit my face, i didn't realize how cold it was outside. i could tell that my face probably had that rosy, refreshed look to it.

i went into the refreshment area, and stepped up to buy a hot chocolate. this guy(cute guy might i add) flashed me a smile, and asked me what he could get me. "you, naked, in bed, now" is what i said (in my head, of course), "a nice cup of warm hot cocoa would be great" is what i really said, with a somewhat flirtatious tone in my voice, he replied "of course...would you like some company with that, i was just about to clock off, and my friend ditched me." how could i say no to such a situation. "i'm james"... i told him "i'm casey, i was just grabbing the hot chocolate to go, and heading back to my hotel, if you want to join." he acepted the invitation.

the walk back was freezing. we treked the 2 miles in the flurrying snow. by the time we reached the cabin the cabin we were both shivering. when we got in, he lit a fire, and we sat on the bearskin rug huddled around it covered each in our own blankets. we talked for hours, about everything and anything,purely plutonic.

...or so we thought.

by midnight we were so enticed by every word that the other said, we were both ready to burst. he couldn't wait any longer, and neither could i. finally, James pounced, reaching in for a kiss when i was mid-sentence.

we becamed entangled in each other arms, kissing, grabbing, holding, we were so full of emotion. he ripped off his shirt to reveal softly defined chest and abs, he had a swimmer's body. he helped me take off my sweater and jeans. i stared straight into his eyes, they were gorgeous big and blue. then, i unbottoned his pants. the moment just became more and more intense, we just went at it. he felt so perfect i had never felt anything like that before, it was amazing.

me and my sister decided to make this mountains trip an annual event.
(by the way, it was a fake bearskin rug...so no worries)

08:34 pm - fine... meanie head

title or description
does that make you happy?

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Mar. 10th, 2004

10:31 pm - revival of casey

i have come to save my fantasies' namesake...but i am still new keep in mind...

i am going back to philly for my best friend's graduation, just me all by my lonesome. i get dropped off at the airport go through security and such 1 hour before my plane is scheduled to leave. i decided to sit down for a nice cup of coffee at starbucks and a good reading of my newest book.

on my way to starbucks i catch a glimpse of a very nice looking guy about 19 or 20, 5'10", dark curly hair, make eye contact and he gives me a slight smile, i bat my eyes and look away...i am sitting down in a big comfy chair with enough room for two people thoughly ejoying hiding behind my book, when i am suddenly bumped into by someone, who immediately apologizes. and look up and see none other than the cute guy, he explains that he is in a bit of a rush, but needs to get his coffee before his plane takes off.i tell him not to worry, that i need a break from my book anyway. he laughs with a cute smile, agorgeous pefect smile.

i make my way to my plane, and sit down in my window seat. a older woman probably about 60 who thinks she's 20 comes and sits in the aisle seat(i think to myself this is going to be a fun 6 hours). then all of a sudden the same guy walks onto the plane, he comes and sits right next to me. he tells that he had the wrong itinerary and tried to get on the wrong plane. i laugh. we talk for the entire first two hours of the plane ride, it turns out he is on an academic scholarship at Villanova and is playing basketball there too.

the movie starts, i'm starting to get tired. he notices and asks if i'm tired. i tell him how exhousted i am from the 3 hours sleep i got the night bfore. he tells me i can lean on his shoulder if i want...i do of course.
i wake up three hours later. and i see him looking straight at me, he tells me how gorgeous my eyes are, i giggle. we both have to ho to the bathroom. we turn and look at the older lady, she is sound asleep drooling on her tray table, we both start cracking up.

after she wakes up, we go back to the bathroom. there is no one back there, all the flight attendants are dealing with a problem in first class. so we both go into the same bathroom.


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Mar. 13th, 2004

10:41 pm - app of kaelalyn

Name: Kaelalyn dinino
Age: 16
Location: plaesanton ca
Guilty pleasures: hehehe wouldnt you like to know...
Kim wants a short sample: of a fansasy? hmm..lets just say its gonna involve some edible massage oil and some whipped cream...
Favourite bands/musicians: afi, nly, the program, nural, section 8, asl, thursday, etc...

picture: um..how...? just close your eyes and think of me, darling..there look a picture...

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08:22 am - If you arent into details, then dont read the last paragraph!

I finally got my parents to take us on a trip to Hawaii. For two weeks! I had never been before and i had this perfect vacation all planned out. Go to gorgeous beaches, get a gorgeous tan, and meet a gorgeous guy. I was really excited. But my perfect vacation didnt start off very well. The beaches were nice, and my tan was coming along, but where were all the guys? It seemed like the only ones that were there were taken. And to top it off, my family was off doing things on their own, leaving me all by myself. At least they had signed me up for sailing lessons. I was getting really good. I was totally confident that I could go hit the ocean all by myself. So thats what I did.
It was the day before we were leaving, and I was planning to just sail around the island a little bit. It started alright, the water was pretty calm. But as i kept going further and further around the beach, the waves kept increasing in size. Right as i decided that it was time to head in, a huge wave caught me off guard and threw me out of the boat. I was ok, but i needed to get to shore, so i started swimming to what I thought was the main island.
I was extremely tired, but I made it to land. Just, not the right land. I had swam to a little abandoned island so far away from the main one that I could barely see it. I was scared out of my mind. I couldnt swim back, i would never make it that far. So i had to sit and wait.
But not for long, through my tears of discouragement, i saw someone paddling towards me on a surf board. I was saved! He finally got to the beach, breathing heavily after the long trip out. He had one of the cutest smiles i had ever seen. He was tall, and obviously had been surfing for awhile due to his tan skin and muscular stomach. He told me he had seen my crash and came to help, but needed to regain his strength before he could paddle us back to the mainland. That was fiiiine with me.
Suddenly, the sky turned dark and it started to rain. "uh oh" he said, "a storm's coming, we better find some shelter" So we found a little cave that was just big enough for both of us to squeeze into. Trying to fit as best as we could, we laughed awkwardly as we kept bumping into one another. After a while, we found it was most comfortable with his arm wrapped around me.
The rain just wouldnt let up, so we talked for awhile, and I told him about my disappointing vacation. He laughed and said if I had been looking for excitement that i should have come to visit him. I asked him what his idea of excitement was. Then he slowly leaned me back and kissed me. Just once, and then pulled away, seeming to look for my approval. I smiled and then brought him closer to me.
His lips were soft and full, caressing mine. I could feel his heart beating faster as his tongue made its way into my mouth. All the while kissing me harder. He reached up and untied by bathing suit. My hands traced his back while his gently wandered down my chest. I shivered slightly, although not from the weather, for the heat we were creating was keeping me intensely warm. He started to kiss me lower and lower, his mouth taking the place of his hands' previous position. While his hands found a new place to rest on my inner thigh. I gripped his back tighter as my pulse quickened and a powerful heat spread throughout my entire body. His hand was slowly moving upward, when i heard the helicopter overhead, and then a voice coming from some sort of loudspeaker, "Kim, Kim, are you there?" "We found your boat, were coming down to look for you!"


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